The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Resource Center holds caregiver support group meetings at locations around Central Florida. No reservation is necessary.

What to Expect at the Meeting

A facilitator from ADRC guides the meeting, which lasts between one and two hours. We are always happy to follow up with information about questions that arise during the meeting. Each group meeting is unique, depending on the needs of those present, but they have some common elements:

  • Everyone gets a chance to speak.
  • Challenges are shared and emotions are validated.
  • Suggestions are shared if they are asked for.
  • No one sits in judgment on anyone else’s experience.
  • Sometimes there are tears, but there is always some laughter, too.

Around any holiday, the dates or locations might change, so please check with us in November and December. If you have questions about attending a support group, please contact us at (407) 436-7750 or [email protected]