Guest Blog By: Savanna Chrostowski – Feeling Guilty for Outsourcing Care

Guest Blog By: Savanna Chrostowski – Feeling Guilty for Outsourcing Care

As our parents age, we must understand and consider numerous outcomes when and if they can no longer care for themselves. Ideal and realistic options should go hand in hand. It may be time to locate an outside source of help, like an Orlando caregiver. Of course, this is easier said than done. As a senior advisor at North Star Senior Advisors, I have come across more and more individuals explaining how guilty they feel for even thinking about placing their loved one in a “home” due to their decline in mental or physical health. Those feelings are completely normal. No one wants to move their family member from their beloved home into a strange new building, let alone into a much smaller room. What we hear even more often is that the responsibility to care for the family member falls on the daughter/son due to their family culture, tradition, and customs. Sometimes, the child becomes the only caretaker of an aging parent because that is what they are taught at a young age. You don’t want anything bad to happen to them, and it is completely understandable to want to care for them in your own home to ensure nothing does. After a while the constant strain of worrying about your loved one may start to build up.

The reality is that times are changing and women are no longer homemakers. It used to be that woman would stay at home and take care of family and everything in between, but now more women are possessing careers. You may enjoy caring for your loved one, but a lot of the time it starts to pull you away from life, your own children and even work. Caregiver burnout is a real thing and although you may feel what you’re doing is the only right way. There are options to consider for your well-being, which will ultimately in return help your aging parent, such as finding a caregiver in Orlando.

A common misconception perceived by several individuals is that senior living communities are considered an institution. An institution where the resident is being left alone all day, bored, and fed less than average meals. Honestly, this is so far off from the truth. Assisted living/memory care facilities have come a long way, but numerous facilities are the exact opposite. Some occupy beautiful homes, with highly skilled caretakers to  care for your loved ones. Even the smaller homes that are in no way comparable to the Taj Mahal as far as aesthetics go provide the utmost quality care. Activities such as puzzles, board games, and computer games are highly valued to keep the brain stimulated by those affected with Alzheimer’s. Caregivers in Orlando perform different exercises for the seniors to replicate, including arm and leg lifts as well as going on walks and outings so they can get to know each other. They provide games that also incorporate exercises like inside bowling, invite singers and bands to come and play, and truly keep the residents busy, especially those with memory impairments. I have personally worked for an assisted living facility and felt I was inside a fancy hotel as there was a chef that prepared gourmet meals, snacks all throughout the day, and lively activities performed by the Activities Director.

Feeling guilty about moving your family member into a senior living community is normal. But, these communities care for your loved ones like they would their own. As a CNA who has previously worked for an assisted living facility and a current senior advisor, I have felt the love and passion from other caretakers. It can be hard to juggle life, family, work, and more importantly how you were raised, but choosing the right place will make all the difference. Knowing the facility has the capability to take care of your mom/dad by people who genuinely care for their well-being will give you not only peace of mind and relief when leaving them alone, but will ultimately allow you to become the daughter/son you once were.

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