Savvy Caregiver Workshop Series – Compass Research

Savvy Caregiver Workshop Series – Compass Research

  • July 7, 2016
    1:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Savvy Caregiver Description:

Presented by the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resource Center, Savvy Caregiver is offering a free caregiver training series for those involved in caring for family members and friends with dementias (such as Alzheimer’s disease). Caregivers will be shown ways to develop and modify strategies they can use to lessen their own stress and improve care for those they love. Become a Savvy Caregiver!

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Must register today at (407) 843-1910.

Savvy Caregiver Workshops take place once a week for 6 weeks.

Here’s what we will explore in our gatherings:

Week 1 (7/8/16)

•  Reflecting on the new “career” of caregiving and the knowledge, skills, and outlooks that vary with the job of caregiving.

•  Studying the different types of dementia.

•  Learning about medications prescribed for dementias.

Week 2 (7/15/16)

•  Examining the cognitive losses in the 8 key areas of the brain and how this decline in thinking effects behavior.

• Suggesting positive approaches to caregiver self-care.

•  Dealing with feelings that arise in caregiving.

Week 3 (7/22/16)

•  “Contented Involvement” as a reasonable goal for caregiving.

•  Fitting tasks and activities to your person’s abilities.

•  Exploring various staging systems used to describe the progress of dementia.

Week 4 (7/29/16)

•  Laying out three “Anchors of Contented Involvement”.

•  Exploring why dementia make persons act the way they do.

•  Basic communication techniques.

•  Developing strategies for common behavioral problems.

Week 5 (8/5/16)

•  Learning the details on how to plan out tasks and activities for daily life.

•  Facing confusion, a central problem in dementia.

•  The implications of confusion for Savvy Caregivers.

Week 6 (8/12/16)

•  An easy-to-use model for decision making.

•  Learning to work effectively with family and friends.

•  Finding better ways to make doctor visits more effective.

•  Final review, Q&A, and Savvy Caregiver certificate of completion.

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