Senior participants needed for a linguistic study!
Do you speak more than one language?

You are invited to take part in a study which investigates how bilingual Alzheimer’s patients use both of their languages in short interview scenarios. We are looking for both speakers of English as a second language and native speakers of English (with experience with a second language). Participants of all stages of Alzheimer’s Dementia are encouraged to join the project.

Download Flyer – English
Download Flyer – Spanish

What to Expect

Personal Interviews
You will have a 30-45 minutes conversation with the researcher and a relative or caregiver. This is not about testing knowledge, but about your experiences in life.

Personal Data
You will be given a questionnaire about when and how you learned the languages you speak and how well you speak them.

The interviews will be held around April/ May 2019. However, if you have any questions or doubts you can address them at any time.

Personal Information
Your answers will be written down anonymously. That includes the change of names, cities and all other information that could lead to your identification. Your questionnaire can only be connected to your answers, not to your name. You will receive a copy of the privacy and data consent form.

Your contact person
I am a PhD candidate at University of DuisburgEssen in Germany. I studied English, Spanish and German, my mother tongue and I am interested in how people use languages. I am looking forward to answering your questions.